Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Faith of a Father by Frank Barbehenn-- A Review

Using his thirty-five years in clinical practice, theological expertise, and professional self-analysis, Frank invites you on a totally unique ride. Structured as a father s open letter to his daughter Kristen, Frank s memoir explores his magnetic draw to faith...and the spiritual maelstrom that drew him to a profound yet deeply conflicted journey with Jesus Christ. The highly readable story of Frank s emerging faith in Jesus is a spellbinding dance among various forces in his life. In this most personal, page-turning expose, he courageously discloses how trauma shaped his life nearly from the moment of his birth. Beginning in infancy, he was traumatized by an extraordinarily cold, emotionless alcoholic mother. From early childhood on, he was emotionally abused by an angry disabled father. Later, in midlife, he was twice traumatized by disabilities disabilities that emerged as a result of his childhood. He reveals utterly intimate details of how his mind was forged through those traumas driving his unchosen but painstaking quest for spiritual truth. It s the story of how one man found and embraced faith not only the circumstances that engendered it, but the forces deep inside him that shaped his hypnotic draw to it. In poignant detail, he describes how that faith really looks from the inside out from deep within his own psyche. And it all culminates in a story Frank never fully shared with his daughter...until Faith of a Father."

You can purchase this book at Amazon in paperback and Kindle. It can also be purchased at CBD and Deeper Shopping

My Thoughts: Frank has taken the circumstances of his past and combined them with love and insight to give his daughter the most amazing gift. The gift of his heart and wisdom.

 This book is an emotional and spiritual journey to walk through slowly and prayerfully as you read it. Walking through his life experiences and his spiritual growth is an intriguing process. I enjoy how the book is written, the first person most definitely makes it more personal and engaging. I recommend taking your time as you read it to let the story as a whole sink in. As with any book that deals with spirituality I suggest reading it prayerfully and with a discerning heart for the Lord to give you the meat that you need and spit out the bones, so to speak.

Frank  has definitely given me something to think about and his insight and past issues are something I can learn from. 

I received this book through the Book Club Network in exchange for my review. A positive review was not required.  

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