Thursday, March 31, 2016

How Then Shall We Live? by Stephanie Rodda

Hank and Tessie have an extra large family and an ordinary life until everything changes and they are forced to face challenges that require ingenuity and flexibility to keep their family safe and their faith strong. Uncertain economic times that include gasoline rationing and reduced income have the world as they know it upside down. What they once took for granted now demands hard work and sacrifice.
This is the first of three books based on Tessie's journals where she recorded her prayers and concerns. With each journal new crisis' are faced.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Catch A Star by Tamika Catchings with Ken Petersen

When all she wanted was to fit in, Tamika Catchings stood out and felt left out, never knowing one day she'd stand out--as a basketball superstar and an inspiration. She faced being set apart by her hearing loss, separated from family, living up to high expectations, and the pain and discouragement of debilitating physical injury. Yet she reached for the stars with hard work, perseverance, and her faith in God. Through the silence, she found the way to shine.

Catch a Star tells Tamika's story of overcoming: of leading the Indiana Fever to its first championship, being named one of the WNBA's top fifteen players in history, earning three Olympic gold medals, and founding the Catch the Stars Foundation to help young people achieve their dreams. Her story will inspire readers to face their doubts and fears, encouraging them to reach for their own stars, no matter what challenges come their way.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Last Ride by Susan K. Marlow

Andi's newest adventure may be more than she can handle--even with her family's help
Andrea Carter is turning sweet 16 and life could not be better. She's about to finish school, her sister Melinda is getting married, and her older brother Justin has a new baby to spoil. There will be plenty of time to work with the colt of her treasured palomino horse, Taffy, and best of all, Andi will finally get to work full-time for the ranch she loves.
There s just one problem: a city-slicker cousin named Daniel. Left there by his father, with a cryptic warning that New York City life has done damage to the young man s character, Daniel wants nothing to do with the ranch. He ignores Andi's lessons, walks away from responsibility, wrecks valuable equipment, and even runs away to San Francisco.
The Carter family is in a frenzy trying to keep Daniel under control. When Andi discovers a horrifying secret about him, he forces her to stay silent. But all that changes when Daniel s actions put lives in danger. Andi s anger over her loss threatens to destroy not only Andi but her entire Circle C world. Can anyone break through the wall around Andi s bitter heart and help her find healing?
Loyal long-time readers of Susan Marlow's historical fiction will line up for an older Andi's newest adventure, and her discovery of how powerful love can be.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Man Myth Messiah by Rice Broocks

Did Jesus Really Exist?
The search for the historical Jesus continues to be headline news. Any speculative theory seems to get instant attention as the debate rages about His real identity and the claims made in His name. Did Jesus really exist? Is there real historical evidence that demonstrates that He lived and actually said and did the things the Gospels record? Is there any validity to the speculative claims that the Jesus story was a myth, borrowed from a variety of pagan cultures of the ancient world?
In this follow-up to the book God’s Not Dead (that inspired the movie), Man, Myth, Messiah looks at the evidence for the historical Jesus and exposes the notions of skeptics that Jesus was a contrived figure of ancient mythology. It also looks at the reliability of the Gospel records as well as the evidence for the resurrection that validates His identity as the promised Messiah. Man, Myth, Messiah will be released concurrent to the God’s Not Dead movie sequel, which will cover the same theme.

The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck

A lonely wedding chapel built as a tribute to lost love just might hold the long-awaited secret to hope and reconciliation.

For sixty years, the wedding chapel has stood silent and empty. Retired football hall-of-famer Jimmy “Coach” Westbrook built the chapel by hand, stone by stone, for his beautiful and beloved Collette Greer, whom he lost so many years ago. The chapel is a sanctuary for his memories, a monument to true love, and a testament to his survival of the deepest pain and loss.

Photographer Taylor Branson left her hometown of Heart’s Bend, Tennessee, to make a new life for herself in New York. She had lots to run away from, not least of all a family history of broken promises and broken dreams. Love catches Taylor off guard when she falls for Jack Forester, a successful advertising executive, and their whirlwind romance leads to an elopement—then to second guesses. Jack, in spite of his very real love for Taylor, is battling his own demons and struggles to show her his true self and the depths of his love for her.

Taking a photography assignment in Heart’s Bend, Taylor is thrown back into a past of family secrets buried deep beneath the sands of time. When Taylor and Coach’s journeys collide, they each rediscover the heartbeat of their own dreams as they learn that the love they long to hold is well worth the wait.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

Ok I know I have been slacking on my Tuesday Tidbits the last couple of weeks. I have had a ton of things going on the last few weeks.

We are in the process of moving so my husband and I took a trip to look at houses.

Spring has officially sprung in our neck of the woods so that means it's softball time!
My girls play every year so this time of year is very busy.

I have been working to try and get some books read and I have just finished an amazing book I will be reviewing tomorrow.

Product Details
Amazing! Check back tomorrow for the review.

Product Details
A sweet book for pre-teens and teens alike

Have a great Tuesday!

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Jazz Files by Fiona Veitch Smith

Introducing Poppy Denby, a young journalist in London during the Roaring Twenties, investigating crime in the highest social circles
It is 1920. Twenty-two year old Poppy Denby moves from Northumberland to live with her paraplegic aunt in London. Aunt Dot, a suffragette who was injured in battles with the police in 1910, is a feisty and well-connected lady.
Poppy has always dreamed of being a journalist, and quickly lands a position as an editorial assistant at the Daily Globe. Then one of the paper's hacks, Bert Isaacs, dies suddenly and messily. Poppy and photographer Daniel Rokeby (with whom Poppy has an immediate and mutual attraction) begin to wonder if Bert was pushed. His story was going to be the morning lead, but he hasn't finished writing it. Poppy finds his notes and completes the story, which is a sensation.
The Globe's editor, realising her valuable suffragette contacts, invites her to dig deeper. Poppy starts sifting through the dead man's files and unearths a major mystery which takes her to France--and abruptly into danger.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Fire and Ice by Mary Connelly-- Guest Reviewer Monday

Saddle Up for a Wildly Fun Ride
                                                      in Mary Connealy's Latest

Bailey Wilde is one of the best new ranchers in the West. She's been living disguised as a man for a while, but when Gage Coulter comes to drive her off her homestead, he quickly realizes he's dealing with a woman--a very tough, very intriguing woman at that.

Gage is an honest man, but he didn't make his fortune being weak. He won't break the law, but he'll push as hard as he can within it. Five thousand acres of his best range land is lost to him because Bailey's homestead is located right across the only suitable entrance to a canyon full of lush grass. Gage has to regain access to his land--and he's got to go through Bailey to do it.

Spending a winter alone has a way of making a person crave some human contact. In a moment of weakness, Bailey agrees to a wild plan Gage concocts. Can these two independent, life-toughened homesteaders loosen up enough to earn each other's respect--and maybe find love in
the process?

Monday, March 7, 2016

Chasing Dreams by Renae Brumbaugh

That’s what 12-year-old Rebecca thinks she’s doing when she competes for a scholarship at the prestigious Columbia Girls’ Academy. But when Cinderella’s wicked stepsister turns out to be her roommate, her dreams evaporate into nightmares. chasing dreams book cover “They only invited you here to give the appearance of being a charitable institution,” Jill said in that fakey-sweet voice. “There’s nothing wrong with charity, but Columbia prefers to keep its charity cases on the other side of the world, not right here under their roof.” That did it. Rebecca pushed herself to a sitting position and launched off the top bunk. Her feet slammed on the floor. She pointed her finger in Jill’s face in a swift, sure motion she was quite sure she could never duplicate. “Look here, Miss Prissy-Bow, you’ve got a lot of nerve saying—” The door popped open and Rebecca’s words came to a halt. Hannah stood in the doorway, and her expression held a mixture of shock and disappointment and . . . and something else Rebecca couldn’t quite identify. The smug look on Jill’s face only magnified Rebecca’s humiliation when she realized Hannah had just witnessed the height of Rebecca’s temper, and none of Jill’s snide remarks. As of this moment, it looked as if Jill might be right, at least where Rebecca was concerned. Rebecca didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Texas to win this scholarship

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Risen by Angela Hunt

Epic in scope, yet deeply personal, this novelization offers a unique perspective on the story of the resurrection. Roman Tribune Clavius is assigned by Pilate to keep the radical followers of the recently executed Yeshua from stealing the body and inciting revolution. When the body goes missing despite his precautions, Clavius must hunt it down.

His investigation leads him from the halls of Herod Antipas to the Garden of Gethsemane and brings him in touch with believer and doubter alike. But as the body still remains missing, Clavius commits to a quest for the truth--and answers that will not only shake his life but echo throughout all of history.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Blotch by Andy Addis Illustrated by Tatio Viana

Blotch is a boy who lives in a kingdom where everyone has blotches on their skin. Each time a person is mean or does something wrong, another spot appears. Hoping to find someone who knows how to get rid of the spots, Blotch strikes out on a journey. At the first village he meets the Hiders, who merely cover their spots. Next, the Pretenders simply deny they even have spots. A third village is full of the Blamers, who constantly fight and blame each other for their rapidly multiplying stains. Fearful and frustrated, Blotch finally meets a kind stranger who has the solution for removing the spots permanently. But an elated Blotch is shocked to find out that the humble stranger is actually the King, and the solution requires that the King take the spots on Himself—a sacrifice that will change Blotch and his family forever.

Much like Jesus' use of parables to help His listeners understand and remember spiritual lessons, Blotch is a parable that helps kids grasp the concepts of sin, salvation, and redemption in a way that is memorable and engaging. Each chapter includes a parent/child discussion guide that would also work well in small groups or classrooms. A simple story with an accessible message, Blotch is an excellent vehicle to teach kids about the Gospel.