Thursday, March 31, 2016

How Then Shall We Live? by Stephanie Rodda

Hank and Tessie have an extra large family and an ordinary life until everything changes and they are forced to face challenges that require ingenuity and flexibility to keep their family safe and their faith strong. Uncertain economic times that include gasoline rationing and reduced income have the world as they know it upside down. What they once took for granted now demands hard work and sacrifice.
This is the first of three books based on Tessie's journals where she recorded her prayers and concerns. With each journal new crisis' are faced.

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Stephanie RoddaBiography
Stephanie Rodda enjoys writing about her two favorite subjects, faith and family. She lives in Alabama with her husband and children whom she homeschools. She and her husband Henry fostered for the state of Alabama for fifteen years and cared for forty-five children, seven of who they adopted.

Stephanie blogs a lot about adoption and other subjects at her blog, and also has a devotional writings page on Facebook. Stephanie has had articles published in both magazines and newspaper periodicals.

_How Then Shall We Live?_ is Stephanie's first fictional book and has been an exciting new adventure. The first of a trilogy, this book introduces us to a family that is loosely based on Stephanie's own family. It is meant to be both inspirational to families who are struggling and strengthening to anyone who must decide how to respond to chaos and crisis.

Stephanie also enjoys teaching Bible studies and inspirational speaking. She often says that her goal is to help people think new thoughts, have different perspectives and find their courage.

Here is what I thought.....
This book was so interesting. I couldn't put it down. I read this book on my kindle app, which is saying a lot because I really don't like reading ebooks. This one grabbed me from page one. I kept flipping pages to see what would happen next. I enjoyed the idea behind the book. Having to face hard times with faith and perseverance was very encouraging. I found Tessie and Hank to be very strong characters. They were very believable and I often wondered if they were real people not just characters in a book.
This book does a wonderful job of showing the awesome things that can happen when we rely on the Lord in our times of trouble. I think I heard this is book one in a series, I hope that is the case because I can't wait to read more about Tessie and Hank and their family. The only thing that would have made this book completely perfect is if there had been a back story to the problems they were facing. Other than that this book is spot on and really a great read. So excited to read more by Stephanie.

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