Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday Top Ten

Top Ten List of Books I Want to Read This Summer

I had this idea after reading some blogging tips that were posted in a blogging class I was taking. One of their tips was to have a top ten list on your blog to get  more traffic to your blog through Pinterest. So needless to say I'm gonna give it a try.

My list contains new, old, classic and contemporary. I am really wanting to re-read a series I have and I want to dive into some of the literary classics I haven't read. To some of you this list might seem strange but I'm taking the summer to be different in what I read :-)

10. The Bronte Sisters
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This one might seem a little odd but I actually read a book by Katherine Reay called The Bronte' Plot and it made me so interested in reading some books by the sisters.

9. To Kill a Mockingbird
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A classic I have never read. My oldest daughter and I are going to be reading it this summer.
I love the movie though.

8. Lynn Austin's Wonderland Creek
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If I get a chance to read this book, it will be my first by Lynn. After hearing so many good things about her I really can't wait to read her work. I actually bought several of her books at our library's book sale a few weeks ago, so I have a few to choose from.

7. Ted Dekker's Circle Series
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I know I'm like the only person on the planet that hasn't read Ted's books, but I'm gonna be honest and say that I'm not so sure if he is my style. I am however going to give this series a try. Who knows? Maybe I'll jump on the Christian Horror/Suspense bandwagon. Is that a thing? Christian horror? Idk?

6. Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly Series
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The Love Comes Softly series is the first series in Christian fiction that I read. I love these so much that I want to reread them this summer. I have officially been able to collect all of her books written solely by her and add them to my personal library and I plan on reading each one.

5. The Ringmaster's Wife by Kristy Cambron
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The first book I ever read by Kristy was A Sparrow in Terezin from her Hidden Masterpiece series and I loved it! She has become one of my new favorite authors since I started reviewing. I can't wait to read this one.

4. The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck
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Y'all I love Rachel Hauck! I have read the other books in this series but I haven't gotten around to reading this one. I can't wait to crack it open because based on the other books in the series I know it's going to be fabulous. The other books in the series are The Wedding Chapel and The Wedding Shop.

3. The Illusionist's Apprentice
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Again I love Kristy! This one is her newest book and I'm just as excited about it as all the others.

2. Chautona Havig's None So Blind
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This book sounded so good to me and I am really glad that I got the opportunity to review it! Can't wait to share my review.

1. The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck
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I am SOOOOOOOOO excited about this book!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on this. I will always read anything she has written and I am just chomping at the bit to dive in.

So tell me. What's on your summer reading Top Ten?

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  1. Great list!! I haven't really thought about what my top ten to read this summer would be, but you have gotten me to thinking....


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