Friday, February 19, 2016

The Ladybug Buddies Incredible Skydiving Adventure by Jason Graham Illustrated by Brian Beausoleil

Get ready for the LADYBUG BUDDIES as they head out on their Incredible Skydiving Adventure! No ladybug has ever flown so high or gone so far from the pop shop before, but they are trying to find out what it really means to be a buddy. That's what they think, anyway. Except it's a lot harder than they thought it would be. And it isn't long before they get into trouble they can't get out of. Not all by themselves. Or, can they?

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PictureAfter a career in the Coast Guard, and many years working with youth programs, Jason Graham knows a lot about being a buddy. The Ladybug Buddies Adventures had their beginnings as bedtime stories which he told to his own five children.  He is also a Wilderness Expert at the Wilderness School Institute, and a contributor to their popular Backpack Survival Guides. Jason is in the hiring process to work with Youth Dynamics in IdahoHe figures it is his best option to impact kids in a positive way through the outdoors. He enjoys hearing from readers, and you can get in touch with him by contacting him on his website: Graham Family Ministries

Here's what I thought......

My eight year old actually read most of this book by herself. We also read some of it together, taking turns reading. I thought this book was a tad bit goofy but kids like that sort of thing. It does teach about sticking with your friends and what it means to be a true buddy and taking care of your friends. The story is cute and fun with whacky illustrations.  There are lots of funny and goofy adventures these cute ladybug buddies take throughout the book. Overall this is a great book for younger kids. My daughter laughed several times while reading. Her exact review was this:
                   I liked that book! I thought it was funny! I liked the ladybugs.

So there ya have it a sweet and funny book that kids will enjoy. A fun story that would be great for newer readers to practice reading on.
Thank you to TBCN and the publisher and author for the opportunity to review this book. A positive review was not required.

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