Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sassy Pants Learns About Strange Creatures by Carol A. Brown Illustrated by Nada Serafimovic


Strange creatures are popping up all over the place on Farmer White's farm! What is a little pig supposed to do? Does she have to be polite? Should she just ignore them? And what if they're scary? How can you tell the difference between dangerous, or just different? That's what Sassy Pants has to learn when she wanders off by herself in places she isn't supposed to. But sometimes she learns the easy way, and sometimes the hard way. Which one will it be this time? And will she learn what's right in time to stay safe? Follow along with Sassy Pants and Friends, as they try to figure things out.
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About the Author

Carol A. Brown grew up on a farm not too different from the one in this story. She, rode horses bareback, milked cows, learned to cook on a wood burning stove, and make delicious pancakes. As
an adult, she taught elementary school, college and university, as well as graduate level courses. Now, she writes books that teach vital truths to to both adults and children. You can visit with her over at:

Here's what I thought....
My daughter is loving this book. We have been reading it together and it definitely keeps her
interest. She keeps telling me how funny it is and I must admit it is rather entertaining even to me.
The writer is very witty and certainly adds a very humorous element to the book.
Sassy Pants is a little piggy who seems to always find herself in trouble. She definitely earned her
name. Her goal in the beginning of this book is to apologize to someone but she gets sidetracked and meets a strange new creature. That's where the adventures in this book begin.
As I said before my daughter had really enjoyed this book. She likes the illustrations and how funny
the book is. As we read it together she begged to be able to read more and more. I think she would definitely like to read more of the Sassy Pants books. This book is perfect for children 5-8 I'd say
and would be great for a newer reader to read. 
Thank you to TBCN and the author for the opportunity to review this book. A positive review was
not required.

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