Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Reading Challenge

Hey Y'all

I thought I'd do something fun and list the reading challenges I'm doing this year. Now before I list these I must tell you I didn't make these up on my own. I got the first one from an awesome Facebook group Avid Readers of Christian Fiction and the second one I got from a Goodreads group Christian Fiction Devourers.
Ok now on to the challenges

January-TBR- I think that is always the way to start in January :)

February- Key Word challenge- Titles that have these Words in the title- Love, Heart, Chocolate, Marry, Bride, Valentine

March- Mix it up challenge- read 1 ebook, 1 audiobook, 1 library book, 1 TBR book, 1 non-fiction book

*April- Through the ages book challenge- Read one book from Biblical times, one from the Regency period, 1 from Civil War, WW1, WW2

May-Folks in Uniform Challenge- (this one was very popular last year, so I'm keeping it :)

*June- Bride Challenge- Something Old- (an old book), Something new (a new book), Something Borrowed ( a book you borrow). Something Blue - A title with Blue in it - bonus for books with titles with wedding, bride, etc

July- Dream destination- books that are set in places that you want to visit

August-Award winner's challenge

*September-Hot off the presses challenge- read only books from 2016

October- Suspense reads

November- THANKSGIVING- Read books whose titles start with any of the letters in Thanksgiving.

December- Christmas reads

This one is obviously a monthly challenge with different things for each month.

The next one is interesting because its more a whenever challenge.
It is the 12 for 12 challenge.
This one you could do one a month or two a month or however you want.
I am also having my 10 year old daughter participate in this one.

Here is the challenge-

1. A book published before you were born

2. A book that you can finish in a day

3. A book that intimidates you

4. A book chosen for you by someone- your spouse, child, friend, librarian- you choose who chooses!

5. A book you previously abandoned

6. A book set in your home state (country)

7. An actual book of the Bible- choose from Genesis-Revelation

8. A book in a genre that you typically don't read

9. A book set somewhere that you've always wanted to visit

10. A book with a non-human character

11. A book with a one word title

12. A book that made you cry*

*I changed this to laugh for my daughter because the idea of crying about a book made her uncomfortable ;)

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