Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Super Mom Myth by Becky Kopitzke

"This book isn't about raising kids. It's about raising Moms. . ." says author, speaker, blogger, lunch packer, and sidewalk chalk artist Becky Kopitzke. In a Pinterest-perfect culture, you've likely sensed an accelerated pressure to measure up. Then you either weigh yourself down with guilt or become resigned--desensitized, even--to this so-called failure. The Supermom Myth--with humor and grace, yet all the while maintaining a firm grasp on reality--aims to empower you to become the mom God created you to be. With 8 chapters, each personifying a "dirty villain" of motherhood, including The Grouch on the Couch (Anger), Worry Woman (Fear), and The Calendar Queen (Busyness), Kopitzke offers a gentle reminder to rest in the super power of our grace-filled God. 

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Becky Kopitzke


Becky Kopitzke is a writer, speaker, singer, dreamer, lunch packer, snowman builder and recovering perfectionist. She lives with her handsome husband and their two young daughters in northeast Wisconsin, where a pink indoor trampoline fills half the once formal living room.

Becky believes God works in the ordinary, and it's up to us to find him there. On her blog, Time Out with Becky Kopitzke, she offers weekly encouragement for fellow imperfect women, pointing our weaknesses, blessings, and victories to God. Becky's first book, The SuperMom Myth: Conquering the Dirty Villains of Motherhood, is slated to release December 1, 2015 with Shiloh Run Press.

My Thoughts
I loved this book! Who knew I had villains attacking me everyday as I raise my kids and clean my house and do all those other things us "super" moms do everyday. Becky hit home from page one. Each chapter was so well written and easy to understand, it all made perfect since, from page one all the way to the last page. Reading this book was like Becky's story of MY life. Now, not every villain rears its ugly head in my house like the others but she brought out so many things about motherhood I had never realized.
Each chapter deals with a specific villain:
The Grouch on the Couch--hint, hint (me)
Worry Woman
Fence Hopper
Calendar Queen
The Maid-- Me again :(
Zombie Mommy
Weary Wife
Martyr Mom
After Becky tackles all these villains and helps us to understand how they try to fight us. We get a glimpse at the real Super Hero, Jesus.
This book has opened my eyes to so many things. I now can see some of my faults as well as awesome ways to help stave off these nasty villains. I can also see how God has made me just for this precious gift of being a mom and how he sees me everyday, precious and wonderful in the eyes of Jesus. I look forward to reading more form Becky. A must read for all moms.
Thank you to Barbour Publishing for the chance to review this book. a positive review was not required.

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