Friday, December 11, 2015

Forgiven, Favored and Free by Jill M. Tomlinson

Are you weary of feeling beat-down, beat-up, and weak when you know you should be living as an overcomer? Do you desire to experience true and lasting victory in your life? Do you long to live the abundant, blessed life for yourself that you have only heard about from others? Do you want to pray prayers that move mountains? You don’t have to settle for one more day of mediocrity! You are forgiven, favored, and free! In Forgiven, Favored, and Free you will become more aware of who you are, whose you are, and the glorious inheritance that has been provided for your life here and now! Discover the God-given rights you have as a son or daughter of the King and learn to exercise those rights as you confidently apply them to every situation. Explore practical keys that will empower you to live a genuinely triumphant life – not something fake or conjured up. Learn how to tap into the truly blessed and abundant life Jesus came to bring you and leave defeat, lack, discouragement, and even sickness in the past. Transform your mind, encourage your heart, and begin walking as the heir of God that you are today!

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About the Author
Jill TomlinsonJill is President and co-founder of Transcend Ministries. She is an author and speaker. The desire of her heart is to see complacency eradicated, broken lives healed, and captives freed from debilitating lies of the enemy. She speaks straight to the heart, addressing sometimes difficult and overlooked issues so men and women of God can rise to greater levels of victory as they discover their unique purpose.

My Thoughts
 This was an interesting book. I hadn't really thought about the troubles in our lives sometimes being there because of our lack of tapping into what God has given us through salvation. I wasn't completely sure that I agreed with her on everything she said but, I did see where in some of our circumstances our attitude and knowing who we are in Christ will affect that situation. She brought out several good points about Christians and how we should live because we are Forgiven, Favored and Free. We as Christians too often live as if we are in the dark when we have the light inside of us all the time. This book would be good for those who just can't seem to let go of the past or can't seem to believe that they deserve what God has done for them through salvation. A good book to read and ponder on as we live for Christ.  As with all books dealing with your spiritual life, I recommend you prayer and ask the Lord for discernment as you read. I was blessed with this book in exchange for my review through TBCN. A positive review was not required.

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