Monday, November 9, 2015

The Caterpiller Cowboy by Russ Lanier Illustrated by Whitney Lanier

"The Caterpillar Cowboy" is a delightful story for children and adults of all ages. Russ Lanier's original tale of a caterpillar's first great adventure is brought to life through the beautiful and captivating illustrations of a gifted young artist, Whitney Lanier. Turn the pages and get ready to hold onto your horses as our hero chases his dreams and learns a valuable lesson along the way.

The Caterpillar Cowboy

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Russ Lanier was born and raised in Statesboro, Georgia. He is a certified public accountant by day, and an avid performer by night. His passions include spending time with his wife - Joy, and daughter -Ashlyn, leading contemporary worship, acting in local theater productions, and performing throughout the Southeast as a member of an Elvis tribute band. His greatest passion, however, is watching Ashlyn light up the stage as a dancer. Russ was inspired to write when he realized how much love was shared in the simple act of a mother, or a father, reading a book with a child. He also answers the call of the bat signal whenever he is needed to stand in for the caped crusader.

My Thoughts
This book was not what I expected. I thought the book was about a caterpillar who becomes a cowboy or who is already a cowboy. But that is not what this story is. The little caterpillar likes cowboys and gets excited when he sees the cowboys come past the tree he lives in. He never really was a cowboy.
Now that being said this is a very cute book, with lots of pretty colors. The front cover is very cute, but has nothing to do with the book itself. It is a cute story, with beautifully illustrated pages.
Not what I expected but still a cute book that kids will enjoy.
I received this book from TBCN in exchange for my review. A positive review was not required.

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