Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Sparrow in Terezin by Kristy Cambron--Review

Two women, one in the present day and one in 1942, each hope for a brighter future. But they'll both have to battle through their darkest days to reach it.
Today. With the grand opening of her new gallery and a fairytale wedding months away, Sera James appears to have a charmed life. But in an instant, the prospect of a devastating legal battle surrounding her fiancé threatens to tear her dreams apart. Sera and William rush to marry and are thrust into a world of doubt and fear as they defend charges that could separate them for life.

June 1942. After surviving the Blitz bombings that left many Londoners with shattered lives, Kája Makovsky prayed for the war to end so she could return home to Prague. But despite the horrors of war, the gifted journalist never expected to see a headline screaming the extermination of Jews in work camps. Half-Jewish with her family in danger, Kája has no choice but to risk everything to get her family out of Prague. But with the clutches of evil all around, her escape plan crumbles into deportation, and Kája finds herself in a new reality as the art teacher to the children of Terezin.

Bound by a story of hope and the survival of one little girl, both Sera and Kája will fight to protect all they hold dear.

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About the Author

Kristy Cambron has been fascinated with WWII since hearing her grandfather's stories. She holds an Art History degree from Indiana University and has 15 years industry experience as a corporate learning facilitator and communications consultant. Kristy writes WWII and Regency fiction. She makes her home in Indiana with her husband and three football-loving sons. Website: Twitter: @KCambronAuthor Facebook: Kristy-L-Cambron-Author

My thoughts:Suspense, romance, love, friendship and forgiveness all of these things and more are found in this book! Kristy takes you on a ride to the past and brings it to life like nothing I have seen before. The vivid pictures she brings to your mind through each seen will leave you wanting the next chapter and then the next. This was my first time reading one of Kristy's books and I couldn't put it down. Her characters are so lifelike and I felt as if I were right there in the middle of every scene and every place that the book takes you. This book spoke to my heart and desire to know more about the holocaust and World War 2. I was overcome by grief, joy and love all in what seemed like the same chapter! The lives of Kaja and Sera intertwine beautifully throughout the book. This book is the second book in the series but it reads well as a standalone. I understood the hints about the first book easily and it only made me want to read the first book more. You will definitely not be sorry for buying this book. It's well worth the money. 
I received this book through the blogger program in exchange for my review. A positive review was not required.

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