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Meddlin' Madeline by Chautona Havig with Giveaway!!!

It is my hypothesis that social conventions are created to test our fortitude. Rockland circa 1900- As the mayor's daughter, Madeline Brown enjoys a rich social life that many might envy. But a sharp mind and a growing talent for observation leaves Madeline torn between avoiding social censure and exploring the world around her. With an aunt who considers higher education and employment equally unsuitable for the mayor's daughter, there is little to amuse her save endless committee meetings, evening socials, and her favorite pastime: curling up with an exciting detective novel. The temperance and suffrage movements hold little interest for a young woman who has just endured the rigors of her father's mayoral campaign. So when a young man shows interest in her friend, Madeline's interest piques--until his actions hint that he might not be the upstanding gentleman everyone presumes him to be. Unable to ignore her concerns, Madeline finds herself in the middle of an investigation into his character and discovers a side of Rockland she's never encountered. Will her new hobby reduce the tedium of her life, or will her "meddling" create tension for herself and her father? Will she be forced to squelch this budding skill of hers or has Madeline finally found her calling in life. Meddlin' Madeline: Welcome to Rockland's infancy.

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Chautona HavigWhen asked about writing, author Chautona Havig says, "Books. I love them– always have. From my earliest years, I spent most of my free time lost in a book, until one day I realized that I had stories in my heart and mind that I wanted to tell. Time passed, life, family, and work got in the way, and my dream of being a writer seemed to vanish into the desert winds.

Dreams are beautiful things, though; they never quite disappear. I began writing again, editing, writing, editing…more editing… and now I have over a hundred books in progress and a few dozen published. I write the stories of fictional people who have real problems, weaknesses, and triumphs. Through their stories, I try to share the Hope that is within me."

Chautona lives in a small, remote town in California’s Mojave Desert with her husband and seven of her nine children. When not writing, she enjoys paper crafting, sewing, and the knowledge that someday she'll be able to retire from home education.

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Here is what I thought.........
I have really enjoyed reading this book.  I have only read one other thing by this author and I liked it as well. The characters are great and the storyline was good.  I very much enjoyed this story and i can't wait to read more by this author.  I received this book from celebrate lit for free.  A positive review was not required. All opinions are my own.  

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  1. Thank you for reviewing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully book two will also be something you like!

  2. So glad you liked it! I hope you enjoy book two, even more! I'm enjoying getting to know Madeline as I work on her.


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